Non-Profit Media, Marketing, Advisement, and Funding Relationships

Advocating Fiscal Sponsorship Programs

There is no greater tool for outreach and fundraising than video production.

Media awareness programs designed to highlight and publicly recognize your Volunteers, Benefactors, and Project Accomplishments are core elements to program retention.

Our interest is serving nonprofits both nationally and internationally with creative solutions to to  tap into the emotional core of both Benefactors and Charity Non-Profit Groups.

People want to see the stories of those that they are helping; where their donation of funds, time, and advocacy are going.

We work closely with our clients to showcase the passion that they feel for what they do, and those they serve.

We do this by producing photos, videos, and stories that are not only aesthetically compelling, but that have a strong hearted message.

 Freedom Ride Bicycle Foundation program brought bicycles to children in remote villages living too far from school.

That effort led to a successful trip with several groups benefiting from the effort and many new relationships were forged then.

CSM is now focused as media services and relationship liaisons for ASEAN based children’s support programs in Lao, Cambodia, and parts of eastern Thailand.

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