“John and his company were our IT service providers and always went above and beyond necessary when called upon to deal with computer issues. I would recommend John to anyone involved in a business that uses computers and needs IT support.” Gabe Shuken

“John and his team provide a very high level of service and is careful not to compromise that standard. They understand the needs of the client before making any recommendations and are always willing to explain any topics that may not make sense to the non-tech savvy individuals.” – Sam Chun”

John is a great person and gets excellent results. He listens to your problems then solves the problems. Our IT problems have been significantly reduces since John has taken over the responsibility to improve our system. He has given us great service, solved problems and been very efficient in meeting our needs.” Jim Yardley

“John is the guy to go to for just about anything in business, and particularly business technology. If he doesn’t know it he’ll find it.  If you want to find out how to do something ask John.If you want something done, and done right John is the guy!” CJ Boggs

“I hired John’s company as my business was in its infancy and I needed to increase my reach through the web. From design to layout to implementation, John’s insight into web development and deployment proved to be exactly what was needed. The end result was a compelling web site that attracted many visitors, generated leads and increased my revenues. I would not hesitate to recommend John’s work to anyone looking to create a strong web presence.” – John Novak

“I first worked with John at my old firm. He was responsible for maintaining our entire IT program, including managing our servers and our remote offices. I was impressed with his responsiveness and creative problem-solving abilities. When I left and established my own firm, John’s company was the only firm I called. I’m not an IT or technical guy, so I needed a little hand holding during the process. We met for lunch and I told him what my plans were, what I wanted to do and what my growth expectations were.  John came back with a detailed plan that I could understand and a proposal for what I should do, from purchasing equipment (which he handled) to installation, to network maintenance. John met all the timelines I wanted and really made it easy for me. In the rare event, I have an IT issue to discuss, he and his team are very responsive and helpful. When I was ready to build my firm’s website, I turned to John again and he came through with a website that I really like and am proud of. My experience with John and his company has been better than I had hoped.” – Ian MacLeod