More Security Means Less Freedom

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More Security Means Less Freedom


Are you giving up your freedom for the perceived security of a job?  Notice the word perceived.

We are moving into a new era.  The old paradigm of going to school to get a job and saving to retire does not work anymore.  Look at the last few years.  Consider how many followed the old paradigm and how many are struggling.

Things change.  That is inevitable. We are leaving behind the industrial age and moving into the information age.  Don’t get stuck in an old way of life that is not going to work any more.

I no longer work nine to five and you can do the same thing too!  Here is a way to make it happen…

You are going to make a little bit of money.  The key is you will see it happen and know it is possible. Then you will think if I can do that I can make a little more and you will.  Then you will do it again and again and before you even know it the little bits will add up and you are making really good money.

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